Why I don’t like to use the phrase “self taught”…

I don’t like it here or there, or on a house with a mouse. Admittedly, that is the phrase I use on the front page under my “About” section.

It is a misleading phrase all around, a label to help people categorize an artist at a glance.  Is anyone really self taught in anything?  Yet it’s a label we use readily when it comes to describing artists.

I am a life long artist.  I always have been.  Like people who have red hair or brown eyes, it is just the way I am.  I would wager that we all are to some degree deep down.  I can remember taking the Sunday comics and copying Garfield and Opus from “Bloom County” until I could draw them comfortably.

I have taken classes from other artists.  I read about art from the old masters, I study their works and compositions.  I love watching YouTube videos of other artists and how they work.  But do I have a BFA?  No.

Maybe the more important questions are…do you like my art?  What do you think or feel when you look at it? 

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