I love technology….


I have recently discovered WordPress and have been very impressed!  I have made a few attempts previously at starting my own website.  I have created a Google website that never worked like I wanted it to.  I tried Etsy and had some moderate success as well but I found it difficult to distinguish myself from the other crafters and artists on that website.  I couldn’t figure out a good way to create a website that was easy (relatively), allowed me some flexibility and could accommodate ecommerce.  I was using Facebook to keep friends and family current on what I was working on and creating, which was not ideal.  What changed?  Two things.

  1.  I stopped at a bookstore and found a book by Cory Huff called “How to Sell Your Art Online” – and I read through it in a two days.  In the book Cory really recommends and encourages artists to establish themselves online.  In fact, he explains in detail how to do it.  It is a great read and I would recommend it to any artist who wants to establish an online presence.
  2. A day after finishing the book, a friend of mine asked me “where do you post your art work that you are working on now so we all can continue to enjoy it?”

It was obvious that I needed to do it and Cory’s book explained how.  All that was lacking was the ambition to start.  Fortunately, I found some under the cushions of the couch once I got off it.

By the way – my friend has a fantastic website of her own “Pet Portraits by Alyson”.  Please go check out.

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